Work in English

The Weekly Day of Rest, its origin and true purpose (sermon).  (1910)

Bexleyheath and Welling. Being a contribution to the history of the district. (1910)

The Thoughts of the Master: being the message of the Messiah as handed down by Lucanus and interpreted for the members of his own Bible classes by the Revd. F. de P. Castells. (1911)

Arithmetic of Freemasonry. (1914)

The Geometry of Freemasonry ... Reprinted from the Transactions of the "Authors' Lodge.". (1915)

The Work of the first Twenty-one Years of the Lullingstone Lodge, no. 1837, Wilmington, A.D. 1879-1900. (1916)

The Village of Stone (Kent) and its Druidical Circle in Pre-historic Times ... Reprinted from "The West Kent Advertiser.". (1916)

Was Sir Christopher Wren a mason? Reprinted from the Transactions of the "Authors' Lodge.". (1917)

The Old Roman Road in West Kent, from Greenwich to Springhead ... reprinted from "The Dartford Chronicle.". (1920)

The Apocalypse of Freemasonry. (1924)


Antiquity of the Holy Royal Arch. (1927)

The Origin of the Masonic Degrees. (1928)

Prehistoric man in Genesis. A study in Biblical anthropology, giving the true reading of the first chapters of the Bible. (1929)

Historical Analysis of the Holy Royal Arch Ritual. (1929)

Organization of the Royal Arch Chapter two centuries ago.

Genuine Secrets in Freemasonry Prior to AD 1717. (1930)

English Freemasonry in its period of transition 1600-1700. (1931)

Our Ancient Brethren the Originators of Freemasonry ... An introduction to the history of Rosicrucianism, dealing with the period A.D. 1300-1600. (1932)

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